Gross Vom Krampus Switch Wrapping Paper


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Gross Vom Krampus Switch Wrapping Paper

There’s a good and bad to everything in life, including Christmas. While jolly old St. Nick stands for everything good, The Krampus stands for everything bad. Santa visits all the good boys and girls on Christmas and brings lots of fun and toys. However, if your naughty, you will get a visit from the Christmas Krampus. Krampus brings spankings and coal for the naughty. This wrapping paper shows Krampus sitting in his spanking switch branches.

The perfect gift needs the perfect wrapping paper! Be sure to wrap your gift up in our beautiful and high quality Krampus wrapping paper. Impress your friends with a first impression of your amazing gift with Krampus The Christmas Devil Wrapping Paper! Choose from 4 types of paper and 5 sizes. Made and printed in the USA!

64lb text weight glossy paper.
Highest gloss paper.
Vivid, full-color print-to-the-edge printing.
Rolls are 30″ wide and can be ordered in various lengths from 6 feet to 60 feet.
Each roll can print up to 15′ – when you order 30’x 30′ it will ship as two 15’ rolls; 45′ roll ship as three 15′ rolls, 60′ roll ship as four 15′ rolls.
6′ roll wraps 3 shirt sized boxes, 15′ roll wraps 9 shirt sized boxes, 30′ roll wraps 18 shirt sized boxes, 45′ roll wraps 27 shirt sized boxes, 60′ roll wraps 36 shirt sized boxes.

Printed and made in the USA.