Krampus Christmas in Red Wrapping Paper


Designed by us for our shop – NOT SOLD IN STORES


Krampus the Christmas Devil is out and about looking for naughty boys and girls. Santa has his nice list, but he gives his mate Krampus the naughty list. If you think the Grinch is mean, you’ve not scene nothing yet! Gruss Vom Krampus!

4 different styles of Finish for Wrapping Paper

For a gift second to none, wrap it up in high quality Krampus wrapping paper. Choose from 4 types of paper and 5 sizes. Made and printed in the USA!

60lb text weight matte paper.
Full-color print-to-the-edge printing.
Rolls are 30″ wide and can be ordered in various lengths from 6 feet to 60 feet.
Each roll can print up to 15′ – when you order 30’x 30″ it will ship as two 15’ rolls; 45′ roll ship as three 15′ rolls, 60′ roll ship as four 15′ rolls.
6′ roll wraps 3 shirt sized boxes, 15′ roll wraps 9 shirt sized boxes, 30′ roll wraps 18 shirt sized boxes, 45′ roll wraps 27 shirt sized boxes, 60′ roll wraps 36 shirt sized boxes.
Printed and made in the USA.