MORE Krampus Gifts!!

We have More Krampus Gifts Available!

These are just a small sample of what we’ve created on our other store.  Just click on an item and head on over to a huge selection of Krampus goodies!!!

We’ve created many products with same images so there is a variety of products.  Please bare with us as we try and organize these is a nice easy to view sections.  This is our first year and we’re trying to meet demand as we have been received on the web with great enthusiasm for Krampus.

If you want some thing personalized, we can do it for you quickly!  We can customize any Krampus Item.  Add your name or someone else’s name to a gift to make is extra special.  If you could send those special requests to us via email, that would be fantastic.  All we need is a name and which design you’d like it added to.  when it is finished being created, we will send you the link to go and purchase it.  If we get enough requests for a specific name, we will start posting that product with that name on it with our regular inventory.


Send your requests to:


Visit our CafePress Krampus Store  we have hundreds of products that we designed there.